The REASON for it all. The best and the brightest from all walks of fashion come here be inspired and pick through reference garments. Quality American workwear at its finest. A t-shirt here will easily run you $300 USD.


Last piece of ramen porn. I promise.


Unfortunately I forget his name but this guy runs the single best vintage t-shirt shirt shop in all of Japan and maybe he world. He spends six months of the year traveling through the United States looking for only the most rare, interesting, coolest shirts to bring back home and sell at his shop for what he himself says are “extremely crazy high prices… even for the Japanese”.


Harajuku. Practically every fashion conscious person in Tokyo, regardless of age or social standing gets dressed up and hits the streets of Harajuku on the weekends to show off their latest looks.


Even in black and white you have to appreciate these outfits. These people aren’t reading to find out whats hot this season in fact it’s the other way around. The streets here are cluttered with photographers, stylists, and fashion types snapping pics just like me to take home and post up in mood boards around the world. Awe inspiring.


I threw this one in just because I love monkeys, but hey, maybe somewhere theres gonna be a monkey in one of the runway shows next year. Who knows, right?


A transition from whats ahead to what’s passed. Bape Kids store. and the nearby BapeSta flagship. Stale. Empty. Depressing, and a little eerie. Tried searching for the nearby Bape Cafe but it’s closed. On to the next one.



Pow. Eight days in Tokyo goes by like the blink of an eye. This was my first trip to Japan and it opened my eyes in ways I never could have imagined. Creatively I’ve amassed over three thousand reference images ranging from retail build-outs to graphics to buttons and zippers and everything else along the way. The Japanese have a devotion to aesthetics and presentation that anyone, designer or not, should be
able to appreciate.

In a sea of people like this one.


Even their subway ticket machines have a button you can press to have a magical technician pop out and help you with your purchase.


At the local flea market people sell their well kept possessions in an orderly and hassle free environment.


The blooming of the Cherry Blossom represents the beginning of Spring.


Which was appreciated by everyone at the local temple seeing as how this was the first time in weeks the temperature had gone above 15 degrees Celsius. I read on Greg Mishka’s twitter that it was snowing when he was here two weeks ago, so I guess I lucked out in that department.

These ladies at the temple didn’t like their fortunes so they just tied ‘em up to the pole and picked up another.


Unfortunately for me…


Twilight view from the Shiodome


5 AM at Tokyo’s legendary fish market.


Matty’s probably drooling over these Tuna right now. Only the best of the best fish from around the world make it to the Tokyo fish market. A catch like his might fetch upwards of $150,000.



REASON has had the globe on lock this week as Phil was in Tokyo, I was getting busy down in Miami Beach for Winter Music Conference 2010. This was my first WMC, and I have no complaints at all. Landed Wednesday and met up with the west coast homie, Jesse Lee, of Dub Frequency. He was in town checking out events and produced an incredible event Friday at the Clevelander with the Mongloids & Junior Sanchez. While I was down in Miami to DJ events for WMC, I also had the priveledge of doing something completely different. The Rock Fashion Week at the Eden Roc Resort was also taking place and I was able to spin a few runway shows. As you can see below, Jesse is always business, hanging out with DJ Anthony Pisano, a popular young DJ and producer I know locally in Miami.

After the runway shows, I headed to the Fountainebleu for the DJ AM Tribute Party at LIV. I have to say this was possibly one of the best parties I’ve ever been. Energy in this large room was insane. DJ A-Trak and Travis Barker did a surprise performance, and even had Lil Jon come out to perform his new single – “Get Out of Your Mind.” I always take photos on my Blackberry when inside the club. Make sure you follow me on Twitter – @DJPRICE for random updates and funny photos.

It was good to be together with a bunch of close friends from home. Here you see DJ Sinatra, DJ Vitale, Jesse Marco, and Jonny Lennon of Deckstar.

DJ AM would of been very proud of all the incredible performances at Liv that night. Steve Aoki threw down a powerful electro set, followed by Jazzy Jeff on the hip-hop & club classics, and followed up by the homies Jesse Marco & Marshall Barnes to close it out.

The glue that keeps us together – Peanut, aka Gabi Richmond from Deckstar and 4AM.

DJ Sinatra, DJ Vitale, and the “go to party-rocker for Downtown’s cooler-than-thou party scene” – top boss at 4AM DJ Agency – Jus Ske. RIP DJ AM.

Most people probably don’t know that Sal Morale and Anthony Vitale are two of REASON’s longest and biggest supporters. A few years back, they owned the well-known AS on Stanton Street, and were often written up about flipping sneakers to DJ AM in In Touch Magazine. Peace to the cousinos!
On Friday night, we launched the 4AM DJ Agency at the Mondrian’s Sunset Lounge. Jonny Lennon, DJ Ani Quinn, and Adam Alpert hanging in front of the step & repeat looking extra dapper. Check out Ani Quinn’s latest mixtape “Style & Grace” released in part by Blue & Cream, a long-time REASON supporter in the Hamptons.

Me and DJ Sinatra getting loose as our event was a major success. Featuring 12 DJs including – myself, DJ Price, DJ Jus Ske, DJ Jesse Marco, DJ Sinatra, DJ Vitale, DJ Sal Morale, DJ Phresh, DJ Ani Quinn, DJ Theory, DJ Suss One, DJ Brooklyn Dawn, and Orazio Rispo. . I’ll be posting up audio from the party shortly, so be on the look out for that.

The next day I hit up the Serato Suite at the Fountainebleu. To say the least, I was very impressed the soon to be released Rane 68 DJ mixer. Basically a hybrid of a Pioneer 800 and a Rane 56, and a ton of new & fun additional features. Music, technology, equipment, and toys are all core values for us at REASON and I will without a doubt be picking this piece up in April.

Not very surprising, but the DJ industry has a lot of roots and similarties to the street and skate wear scene that REASON is accustomed to. I first met Petey, aka DJ PS1 several years back as he was the owner and buyer of his own boutique, N7, in Brooklyn. Always a supporter and always a nice guy!

Jesse Marco with the lovely Jessica Rosenblum. Jessica is responsible for the careers of some of hip-hop’s most popular DJs including two of my favorites – DJ M.O.S. and DJ Funkmaster Flex.

I also can’t forget about the lovely ladies of Miami Beach. I met many future ex-wive’s this week. It was definitely a real problem.

Everyone was asking me – “Are you a photographer, too?” I’d respond. “Hell no! I just take pictures.” Kirill is a real photographer, and extremely talented. Check out his site KirillWasHere for more photos from WMC and other assorted wild adventures.

The world famous Crooklyn Clan – DJ Riz & DJ Sizzahandz. I’ve been studying DJ Riz mixtapes since I was 16 years old, and they are two of my favorite DJs. I’ll go to any venue to just sit, ignore everyone else, and listen to Riz play.

The young Ari Gold – Jacob Epstein and his client – DJ Theory.

DJ Vibe from the LOLA family, holding it down with his great girlfriend, Ramona.

Chilling poolside at the Mondrian. I think their is a certain rule at the hotel that all guests must be foreign, a model, and extremely wealthy. I wasn’t mad at all. You can even find the Miami branch of Whilhelmina Modeling Agency on the hotels 3rd floor. I love models & the Mondrian. 🙂

Saturday night had a busy night of DJ work as I played an early set with the homies Jesse Marco & Devin Lucien at Coco De Ville, and a late night set at Mokai with DJ Jus Ske & DJ Vitale. Both clubs were dope and offered different experiences. If your in Miami and want to check out an intimate, small dance lounge with a hot crowd, Coco de Ville is the spot. Over at Mokai, you have big room sound, high energy lighting systems, and magnums of Ace of Spades being brought out every 15 minutes. The energy in the room at Mokai saturday was slamming so hard that even a portion of the ceiling came down over the DJ booth during my set. WMC was an adventure. Looking forward to next year’s festivities, for sure!


Another day on the streets of Tokyo.

Went to go check out a the well known Salvation Army Bazaar in Northern Tokyo this morning. Supertalk highly recommended it as a must see but in all honesty there wasn’t much to see. Did manage to pick up a pair of vintage sunglasses for 200 Yen though (about $2 USD).


Got lost on the way back. This friendly cop was happy to give directions and pose for a pic. Friendly? Cop? Directions? Picture? We must be far from home.




Electronics store. Mind-blowingly futuristic.


Sars masks. So last season.


Serious vintage score. It’s hilarious that Tokyo has the best vintage American clothing out of anywhere in the world. Including America.


Never seen a pair of $6,000 before? Me either.


Beauty and Youth by United Arrows. UA RUNS Japan.


Hysteric Glamour.



Two more days in Tokyo.

Shops in Japan are about a year ahead of the American trends, right now everything is all about mountain climbing.

Freak Store:

Streets of Harajuku. It has been raining all week.




Paul Smith store.



Hi mom.


Tokyo Anime Fair:


I don’t think I’m much of a photographer but this might be one of the best pictures I’ve ever taken.


Inside the many offices of Contan Distribution.


Had enough ramen yet?


Visited these guys.


Harajuku girls:



Street craze.



Day one in Tokyo.


Really dig these vending machines they have everywhere.


View from my room.


Miyazaki building.


Beats the Metrocard machines in New York.


Top Chef anyone?


I can’t even tell you how I feel about ramen. Even this simple bowl from a fast food type joint puts New York City’s best (Ippudo/Momofuku) to shame.



I’m headed out to Tokyo today for a week so I won’t be able to attend, but if you’re going to be in Miami for Winter Music Conference you need to go check Jon, Jesse, Jus, Orazio, Sal, Sinatra, Phresh, and the rest of the newly formed, highly lovable, REASON supporting, 4AM crew at the Mondrian this Friday.



Somehow within a period of one week we’ve gone from a foot of snow on the ground to full fledged shorts and t-shirt weather here in New York. That means its time for flea market cool-hunting, iced coffee, rooftops, barbecues, and lots of vitamin D induced smiles.

39th street between 9th and 10th avenue, every weekend. Get there early to find the best stuff.


These street ice’s cost $2 now? I hate to sound like one of those people but I remember when it was 50 cents for a large. Half rainbow, half coconut.


I like the vintage spiral rack.


Shepard Fairey much?


The real good stuff.


Matty’s new rooftop hangout spot.


Had enough of these yet?



Over the years we’ve used just about every type of screen printing possibility known to man to showcase our aspirational, independent, New York City vibe. From wild wet on wet four color water based blends, to all over print, high density, foil, flocked, sublimated, full color process craze. This year we’ve taken a slightly more simple and refined perspective on our graphic t-shirt program, and we’ve been thrilled to see our wholesale buyers out there respond to it very enthusiastically.

Here’s a peek at some upcoming graphic work from the next year of REASON.



We spent a good portion of this week brainstorming concepts for our first Reason Movie. Video is quickly becoming the medium of choice for brands looking to showcase their collections. We’ve been checking out what some of our peers have been putting out just to see what everyone else is doing. Here are a couple of our favorites:

FUCT “The Doctrine” Pt. 1 from FUCT on Vimeo.

Here’s a preview glimpse at some location reference shots I took in Long Island a few weeks back:





REASON Spring Summer 2010 Basic Essentials Collection will be releasing next month, and it is great.