We trooped out to a garment dye house in New Jersey this morning to check up on production for a couple of the final pieces in our Fall/Winter 2010 line.


Our custom knit fleece and Reason Brand Denim came a long way before making its way here. This upcoming collection is titled Built To Last, and taking a unique hands on approach to finishing every garment was part of the mission for this line.


Even though the place looks like hell, these guys are great at what they do. Dyeing and finishing for the best in the business for over fifty years and counting.


Which is probably how long its been since this machine was cleaned.


Anyway I’m not going to try to make another joke on die, dye, and dying. The first round of Autumn and Winter 2010 goods from Reason Built To Last will be releasing on October 20th, and they are seriously awesome.



Late night working with Greg over at The NoFavorite office on Houston and Broadway.


NoFavorite has long been one of the most sought after New York City design firms but with recent additions to their portfolio for clients like J.C. Penny, Free City, The Neistat Brothers, Commune Design, and the Pepsi DJ Collective, they are quickly becoming the most well known web and graphic design wizards around.


Greg and I know each other from all the way back in high school, plus were roommates a few years ago, and he designed our original Reason website and some of our first catalogs. He basically taught me about 1/3rd of what I know, mostly the useful stuff.

We also have similar taste is weird little knick knacks. I have a shelf like this at home thats practically identical to this.


I could go on with a billion stories about amazingly weird stuff Greg and I have gotten into together. One in particular about the time we made a small fortune selling ‘sneaker books’ on Ebay during the summer when we were 17 is probably worthy of its own blog post, but yeah, if you bought one of those books and you know what I’m talking about, that was us.


He’s also the master of sending viral video distractions via AIM all day. Two seconds after I shot this picture he showed me a new one that I’m pretty sure damaged me for life. Anyway, go check out the NoFavorite website to see what they’ve been working on and follow Greg on Twitter because his updates will definitely keep you entertained.



Here’s some behind the scenes shots from a new television show I had the opportunity to work with recently. The show is called Black Dawn, and it features a mix of live action television and animation in a skateboarding, sci-fi show for kids and teens. I watched the pilot today for the first time and it’s an action packed half hour unlike anything I had growing up as a kid.


Part of what makes this show unique is that it is shot entirely on location in New York City.


Inside our upper west side stock list, Blades NYC for example.


Or on the streets of Chinatown.


And at the former World’s Fair site in Queens


Here’s co-star Kenny Sosnowski




Excuse the Blackberry pictures in this post. I would have used the Canon but Melet Mercantile prides themselves on not allowing photos in their showrooms.

As the New York Times put it, “Melet’s mission is to bring home the artifacts that will inspire the A-list designers who frequent Melet Mercantile”. These guys take their business very seriously. Their space is curated to the nines with artifacts, books, clothes, and accessories from around the globe that designers use for reference in their collections. Marc Jacobs, Polo, J.Crew, Chloe, and just about every other fashion house and set designer in the business come here for inspiration. As Vanity Fair magazine put it in a recent article, “Melet Mercantile is essentially a seasonal collection of specific environments, which are curated and sourced by the owner. The loft space is crammed with memorabilia and paraphernalia brought together from the far reaches of the globe and gathered in the themed vignettes Melet has dreamed up.”.

As far as I can tell, no one has ever posted photos from inside their space before, so without further ado, here’s an inside (albeit blurry) look into the Melet Mercantile showroom in Montauk, NY.



Well we’ve officially broken down and set up a Reason Clothing Tumblr account. Truthfully I’ve been against Tumblr since day one, a firm believer that they are nothing more than watered down blogs for lazy people but the purpose of the Reason Clothing website is to showcase what we as a team are digging and doing on a daily basis and Tumblr seemed like a great platform for us to showcase a new side of that world to you.

The Reason Tumblr will function as a place for us to post cool design work, funny clipart, party flyers, clothes/looks, photography, and other stuff that might not otherwise be relevant enough to make its way onto the official news section but still might be worth checking out on your daily blogosphere cruising.

Head to reasonclothing.tumblr.com now to take a look at what we’ve been up to so far. And just to show you that we’ll continue to dedicate ourselves to keep this news section up-to date with relevant Reason related content, here’s a picture of our mascot Brooklyn wearing a pair of Wayfarers from last weekend. That counts, right?


Note: The images on the Reason Tumblr account are property of their respective owners, not Reason Clothing, unlike this site we make no claim to ownership or copyrights on any of the content hosted outside of reasonclothing.com.


Back in Brimfield Massachusetts on a two day cool hunting mission. I shot some videos as well but I’m about as good at editing video as I am setting up my voice mail so give me a few days for that. I also posted a few live-blogged pictures up on the Reason Mobile Blog so be sure to check that out as well.

And we’re off…



I came this close to buying the EXCLUSIVE sign but I figured that might be a little too arrogant.


Folk art is so weird. And amazing.


Why do I feel like I’ve posted this picture before?


This is outrageous. The guy selling this thing had a booth full of stuff that was offensive to just about every race and religion around. I asked the owner what he was thinking trying to hawk this kind of stuff and he made a pretty compelling argument about the historical value of it. Still not feeling it though.


This guy on the other hand was super rad. Larry tried to buy him but apparently theres a law against selling dead animals in Massachusetts.


Just some chickens hanging out defecating on 100 year old furniture, no big deal.


Someone get Jeff on the phone.


Same story as the alligator. The sign on his antler reads, “if you want to buy this come meet me in New Jersey where it’s legal”







The September issue of V Magazine, dubbed The New York Issue hit newsstands today featuring Lady Bunny (its okay, none of us have ever heard of her before either) sporting our Reason Go Love Your Own City tee alongside Mark Ronson.

You can read the issue online in its entirety here.