I’m on vacation right now so I’m not taking trillions of pictures a day, but here’s a little taste of the paradise we’ve been fortunate enough to find ourselves holding up in-


There’s really not much coolness to mention, but we did bump into PItbull at the pool earlier today. I was sleepwalking, but Jon managed to send a flick over to the Mobile Blog so if you’re like me and you secretly love that one song you can check it out, otherwise I recommend you watch this video Dante took at the Stretch and Bobbito WKCR reunion show with DJ Riz rocking our City Crest Tee the other night. You should also download the full mp3 from the show which we’ve been gracious enough to host for you here if you wanna seem super cool and know what all the Coolguys have been debating over this week.

We’re also almost positive Elliot Spitzer is staying in our hotel. If we manage to get proof you’ll either be seeing a picture on the cover of the Daily News tomorrow or you’ll never hear from us again.



We just touched down in Miami, Florida to hit the beach and enjoy Halloween from a tropical climate for a change. No photos yet, so here’s a quick Blog B-Roll post with some snapshots that I never got around to using anywhere else.

This one is from out in Long Island this summer. I’ve never been able to stand up on a surfboard but I have this huge zoom lens on my Canon Rebel that I never get to use and this was a perfect opportunity to look like a real creep shooting with a foot long camera on the beach so I figured what the hell.


Cars in London drive on the left side of the street so they mark all the crosswalks with look left and look right signs to prevent pedestrians from walking into oncoming traffic.


I still can’t get over the crowds at Apple stores. This is their 5th avenue shop at 8 AM recently.


I’ve always been into this NY Bagel Co. logo. You only really see these trucks around at like six and seven in the morning doing their deliveries so I’ve pretty much come to equate the company with staying out way too late. I definitely had as much trouble waking up the next morning as I did trying to get a decent picture out of this.


This is my friend Carl. He recently quit working in production at Steven Alan to start his own beachwear brand called Onia. Next generation of the next generation.


Here’s the final production sample of the new Adirondack Beanie we just released. Took us a few rounds to get the fit and knitting perfectly right but as soon as we took this sample out of the box we were psyched.


Mike Avedon reviewing the scans from the lookbook he shot for us. I spy Brooklyn in the mix too.


Schuyler and Ugo gettin’ their game faces on.


This one is from some belly dancing restaurant in France. Obviously I managed to get everything in focus except the one thing in the frame worth looking at.


From the airport in Niece. So glad the French have their priorities set.


Shot this one from a plane. I think it’s somewhere over London but I’m not sure.


Lookbook props anyone?



For us, the decisions that go into choosing fits, colors, washing, threads, screen prints, embroideries, and enough velcro and buttons to drive you crazy are never taken lightly. Our attitude about making clothes has always been to make stuff for ourselves and our team to wear, in fact a main sticking point in our business plan has always been to evolve the look of our brand along with our own personal tastes.

When we first started Reason with printed t-shirts, the idea that we were our own target market was crucial to us. Over the years, as our personal styles have changed, those changes have been reflected in the clothes we make, but the basic strategy has always stayed the same. When there’s a wardrobe staple that we can improve on, or a piece of apparel that we or one of our friends need in our lives that no one else makes, we go through the decisions that I started this post off with knowing that we are our own harshest critics.

Even in our naïve beginner days knew that the only way we could truly believe in our own brand would be if we could satisfy the picky tastes of ourselves and our friends. Big companies follow trend forecasts, corporate manifestos, and chase sales goals, but to us, that feels forced and completely unappealing. There’s always a reason behind the clothes we produce. The items we bring you every season all have stories behind them, down to every last snap, and this season is no different. T-shirts, fleece sweatshirts, denim, and headwear from the Built To Last collection are now loaded in our Online Shop. Take a look here and see what you think.

Also, here’s a preview of the first image from our FW’2010 lookbook shot by Michael Avedon-



I finally made it over to the old Deitch projects space on Wooster Street which is now the Levis Photo Workshop, to check out New Work New York curated by Tim Barber. It’s really cool. The show features a who’s who of local photographers. There’s a wall of vintage cameras ready for rental, stacks of film, computers to upload and edit your photos on, a professional studio set up with lights and seamless, Zazzle even has a setup there so you can create a tee shirt out of your photos right on the spot.





I got to escape from the city yesterday for a quick trip to upstate New York. Somewhere along the way I thought I’d do an entire post with bad puns and halloween jokes.


Went apple picking at Dubois Farms.


Isn’t that appealing?


What do the birds sing on Halloween?
Twick or Tweet.


I bought 40 pounds worth of Gala apples.


Why wasn’t there any food left after the monster party?
Because everyone was a goblin.


How did the ghost fix the hole in his shirt? With a pumpkin patch.

I got lost in the corn maize. Eyes were useless, you had to use your ears.


There was a pony ride too but I didn’t get a picture because these kids were horsing around. Jackasses. I didn’t want to stirrup any trouble so I didn’t warn them about how hard the maze was.



Its funny how we update this site every day and there’s so much about our brand that we’ve never made public, thats why I’m especially excited to launch this interview. I’ve wanted to do Jon’s Team Reason Interview session since the debut of this new site but I could never find the right opportunity to fit it in. Here goes nothing:


So where do we start?
From the beginning…

What are you a freaking comedian or something? I’ll tell the jokes. Ok? What were your thoughts on the last TRIS interviews?
Always stellar.

Much better. Okay. let’s get down to business. For the most part I do our daily News updates. If you were in charge of the blog how would it be different?
More nudes.

Hey, watch it. Can you believe this is the fifth year of Reason?
Damn, we’re getting old.  I think I found my first grey hair.

Let’s sidetrack for a second. How do you think its possible for Brooklyn to have so much energy? Are you ever worried he might be possessed or have some type of thyroid imbalance?
Recently, we had him exorcised.  It didn’t do much but make him more hungry.


If you were making one of those high school textbook time lines of Reason, what notable events would you put on it?
Screen printing t-shirts in our living room, our first trip to Vegas for trade shows, opening of the Cooper Square Outpost, moving into our new place back in the East Village.

Probably shouldn’t ask this but what are your personal favorite clothing brands?
Besides Reason.. my closet consists of garments from APC, Polo Ralph Lauren, J. Crew, Nom de Guerre, Wings + Horns, Vans.

Remember when we worked out of the Death Zone basement? How crazy was that?
Many fond memories in our first commercial space.  It was a real creative environment, to say the least.  I remember spending days adhering pieces of aluminum foil to our ceiling, painting every pipe red, and countless Polaroid photos from members of the team posted on the wall.

Can you tell our readers about your life as a DJ and maybe give us a cool rockstar story?
DJing has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember and has taken me to places I never thought I would see.  I’ve had the privilege of playing all over the world… most notably in Tokyo, Hollywood, Miami, and of course the greatest city in the world – New York.  It’s not always as glamorous as it would seem.  Many late nights and early flights including my first time to Tokyo, Japan.  I remember receiving a call from my good friend Sal Morale at 4 AM after leaving a gig.  He told me I had to go to Tokyo immediately.  I told him I have been waiting for you ask me about this for years.  I said sure, let’s book it for next month.  He said, “No, your leaving in a few hours.”  I was back from Tokyo in time for that same gig the following week.  Sometimes you don’t realize what’s going on around you and you really have to take a minute to step back and take it in.  I’ve been able to provide the soundtrack for some of the country’s top entertainers including Jay-Z, Beyonce, Kanye West, Drake, Eminem, Prince, Leonardo DiCaprio, Benicio del Torio, and Paris Hilton.  I’ve always been asked for advice by aspiring DJs and all I can say is: practice, work hard, and remain professional at all times, your patience will pay off in the long haul.


I’m ashamed to say I don’t know this but what are your three favorite Reason items of all time?
Mini Dot Tech Jacket, Cable Knit Hoodie, and our soon to be released first ever Leather Jacket.

We’ve never really told the whole story, can you tell us how you came up with the name Reason?
I’ll never forget this.  My girlfriend at the time was arguing with her parents and kept on repeating “What’s your reason?” in response to some sort of disciplinary act or something.   I thought to myself… what’s my reason?  We had been looking for a brand name for quite some time and it just seemed to be make sense.  Reason was our reason.  It was our reason to get out of bed in the morning, it was our reason to produce, create, and succeed.

Tell us a little about Reason Fall Winter 2010-
Items you could wear everyday, for the rest of your life.  Their truly ‘built to last’ and will not go out of style any time soon (at least in our lifetimes!).  I’m most excited about the outerwear, but the head-wear this season is unrivaled.

Ok, gimme your ideal breakfast, lunch dinner combo. Last meals before you get executed style, anything you want.

I don’t really eat breakfast, but for lunch you can never go wrong with a good burrito. If I could choose one meal before my death by execution… it would most likely be our typical family style Sunday dinner.  A juicy, flavorful steak with mashed potatoes, creamed spinach and a side salad.


Alright, were doing well. Can you tell anyone reading this what to look forward to in the future from Reason?
The return of our exciting line up of bags!  As well as some high profile collaborations that I must still keep under wraps.

Last one: top five rappers:
Jay-Z, Big L, Notorious BIG, Big Pun, and Lil Wayne

Phew. Done. Shout-outs. Go:
Much love to the whole Reason crew, you know who you are!  My mother and father for always supporting me, my partner in crime and business partner – Phil, the 4 AM DJ Management agency for always believing in me, my pup and best friend – Brooklyn, and all the fans around the world!

Thats all folks. Follow Jon on twitter here


When we’re stuck on a design decision for too long we have a long running joke at Reason where we half kiddingly ask ourselves ‘What Would Polo Do?’. It’s basically an automatic disagreement ender, because at the end of the day it’s pretty hard to do it better than Ralph.

You can only imagine how hard I fanned out when I walked up to the new Polo store on Madison Avenue on Friday and walked right into Ralph Lauren himself standing outside.


Here’s a shot of Anna Wintour (Vogue) and Ralph Lauren, live in the flesh doing a final walk through of the mammoth new shop. They based a movie on her called The Devil Wears Prada.




As you can probably imagine, owning and running an independent business in today’s world is no easy task. Partially because of the realities of the economic climate, and to a certain degree because every day we’re answering the same old question… “how’s Reason doing?” Well, here’s the truth; times aren’t what they once were, and we are not immune to that, but we’re here, we’ve weathered the storm, and we’re not going anywhere.

Here’s a quote from our first interview ever in an issue of The Royal Magazine. This was five years ago. We were twenty years old at the time. “We are ten years younger than anyone else in this industry. We have a head start, and we’re here to stay. In ten years while everyone else is pushing 40, we’ll be 30 with ten years of experience under our belts, we’re in this for the long haul.”

Buckle up.


Despite the less than stellar economy, and operating in an industry that many wrote off as over-saturated and tired, we’ve always seen an opportunity to make it through the of the world’s collective state of uncertainty stronger than ever, not by waiting for the next big thing, but by starting it.

About a year ago today Jon and myself got together for a production meeting to discuss the plans for Reason product offerings in 2010 and beyond. The biggest topic on the table was how we would persevere and build Reason despite the doomsday reports we saw on the news every night. In the coming weeks, we worked through and conceptualized hundreds of ideas and scenarios in what the next chapter of Reason would come to be. The only thing that we both held steadfast to was our initial promise to be the only brand that makes top quality, independent, New York City based clothing, with a touch of tongue in cheek humor. Aside from that, we decided to let go of all our pre-conceived notions about what has, should, or could have been, and focus on the future. So where to begin?


Some of the changes in our brand have already been taking place right before your eyes, like this new website, our fully overhauled visual identity, anchored by the re-vamp of our Trademark Tophat Logo, a new style of product shot photography to better showcase products, a new state of the art Online Store platform, deliberately aligning ourselves with brands more in tune with ‘the new reason’, and a ground up re-design of every single one of our products in our range.


Naturally that re-design began with the category that started it all off for us, the t-shirt. Those of you who’ve seen our trademark ‘Supersoft’ tees that we launched last spring can attest to the fact that they are not only the best tees we’ve ever made, but probably some of the best t-shirts you can find anywhere. Just ask the fifty people a week asking us if we’ll ever start selling blank shirts wholesale or see how many of our tees from last spring you can even find anymore. None left? That’s a 40/1, custom knit, organic ring-spun 100% cotton slim fit tee cut and finished to the exact specs we developed over 18 months of testing, not some cheesy blank shirt with a played out mascot printed on it, we’re off that. And that’s how it began, piece by piece, zipper by zipper, thread by thread, we overhauled everything, including traveling halfway around the globe, upgrading our factories, calling in favors, reading lots of books, asking for and listening to advice from our mentors, and of course, insisting that no matter what, from here on out, everything had to be flawless.


Over the next week, leading into the launch of Built To Last, I’ll continue with a step by step walk-through of our re-branding and new outlook, including (my favorite part), our Team Reason Interview Session with Jon, previews of new products, and a look back at the highlights of all our ups and downs of the last half decade of Reason.

Buckle up.



Wow. Jon turned twenty five. A quarter century young.

I’m less than thrilled about missing the party in New York last week but thankfully Madison McGaw was on hand to document the night in all its glory.


Matt even gave the Ace Of Cakes guys a run for their money with his own custom DJ-Price cake that he baked from scratch. This thing has been sitting on my kitchen table for the past week.














“When its 100 degrees in New York, it’s 72 in Los Angeles. When its 30 degrees in New York, in Los Angeles it’s still 72. However, there are 6 million interesting people in New York, and 72 in Los Angeles. -Neil Simon”

We bid farewell to Julian yesterday with a huge Japanese BBQ dinner on his last night in New York. Julian is moving out to Los Angeles to pursue his work in the music industry and open up his own recording studio, kinda crazy. We’ve heard about him making this move for about a year now, but its finally happening. Good luck buddy.


Anyway I was still heavily jet lagged this morning so I woke up at the crack of dawn, grabbed Julian, rented a pickup truck, and headed out to procure a delivery of new Reason merchandise for our Fall/Winter 2010 line that is shipping to retailers now, and releasing online October 20th.


Julian is on a plane to LA right now. Follow him on twitter @colossalrecords to see whats next. Also, I’m pretty much obsessed with Tumblr now, so refresh our Reason Tumblr twelve thousand times a day and I promise to keep posting pictures of insanely hot hipster girls and nerdy graphic designer stuff for you to re-blog.