Family time.


I pretty much only wear Reason and some vintage clothes, and my toaster works fine, so Black Friday is kind of irrelevant to me, except for this place.


HP (below) and his wife, Linda (next photo), have dedicated their lives to operating this amazing bookstore store in a re-claimed barn in the northern part of New York State. They have one of the most extensive private collections of books around. People from as far away as Canada and Atlanta come here to buy and sell rare and vintage art books and literature.


Never not getting nerdy.


Find of the day. I’ve seen this book sell on amazon for upwards of $150. Here? $40 plus a 50% Black Friday discount.


This isn’t your local Barnes and Nobles. Many of these books are rare copies, first editions, and out of circulation. Finding autographed copies of your favorite book here isn’t that much of a reach. Unfortunately, the business is facing hard times and as the elderly owners prepare for retirement, they’ve put the entire business up for sale, books and all.


Our Black Friday Online Store Sale runs until midnight tonight. All orders will ship tomorrow.



We have lots to be thankful for this year, particularly all of you. Whether you’ve been following us since the beginning or you just stumbled on our site randomly or only check our updates to make fun of my occasional spelling errors, we’re into it. 2010 has been our best year yet, and we owe it all to each one of you.

Hope everyone had a safe and pleasant holiday. Thank you.


As a special Black Friday surprise, we’ve just released a collaborative ZAK! + Reason, New York Knicks Blue and Orange Go Love Your Own City tee in the Online Shop to go along with the release of ZAK!’s debut mixtape, Stuck To The Sidewalk, which is now available for download now for free at Reason Radio.

Click to view in Online Shop-


Click below to download now-



ZAK! came by with his girl and Dylan yesterday to finalize the plans for his mix-tape release and watch a couple scenes from one of my favorite movies of all time, When Harry Met Sally.

On Friday we will be releasing a special run of Zak! + Reason Go Love You Own City tees in a Blue/Orange/White Knicks Color-way along with the mix-tape.

Here’s Zak wearing his players edition tee along with our Buttersoft Leather and Home Team Cap:


Dylan, Zak, Zak’s Girlfriend. Brooklyn can never resist a photo op.
Those are fake toy guns in the background.


If you are in New York tonight please come join us at the Blind Barber for a special thanksgiving eve celebration alongside James, Jon, Jonny, and Dash Speaks



It hasn’t been publicized very much as of yet, but this year marks the 5th anniversary of Reason Clothing, thereby making this the 5th annual occurrence of Reason’s annual Black Friday sale, an event we’ve done every year since day one. This year, we’re giving everyone a chance to pick up some new Reason gear at the best possible prices with a fun little spin on the number five as the jumping off point for the festivities. Here’s the rundown of what we’ll be offering for Black Friday this year:

Beginning right now, till 11:59 PM Sunday November 28th, save 55% on all your purchases using the discount code BlackFriday at checkout. Nothing is excluded or restricted from the 55% savings.

– All orders of five items or more will receive a free random Reason tee.

– All orders of $500 or more (pre-discount, so $225 final price) will receive a free $55 Reason Clothing gift card included in their order.

– All customers who have placed five or more orders with Reason since January 1, 2010 will receive a free Reason Clothing winter beanie with their order.

Lastly, this year our Black Friday sale will only be online, but don’t worry, we have something major brewing for our local shoppers this holiday season as well which will be announced shortly.



C’est Beau LA just finished their first week in business. The whole story of how the store came together is pretty awesome.

The guys killed it in NY this summer, Beau left to China for what was supposed to be a year, but got bored after a few weeks, and called me in the middle of the night last month and told me he wanted to do C’est Beau Part Deux in LA for the winter.

He asked me if Reason would help out, I gave a thumbs up, and two weeks later I had photos of the space in my inbox and a purchase order in my hands. And just like that, their back. We’re really proud of Beau, Sam, and all the rest of the C’est Beau crew. They pulled this off in record time, and the shop looks fantastic.

C’est Beau
1510 Abbot Kinney Boulevard
CA 90291-3743
Click Here for map/directions



Last night we had the pleasure of shooting with Eddie Zamit and his crew from T-magazine at our studio for an upcoming feature on Reason.


This is the second story on us in as many years. Their last issue that was themed around Sesame Street –


– And this upcoming issue is all about New York City. He rattled off about a hundred people they’ve shot in the past three months here, but Ron English, Jeff Staple, the Greg and Mike Mishka, and Ray Mate are the only ones I can remember off hand. The issue comes out in February.




We’ve wanted to do a flip on the old DARE tees for a while now. I’m sure for many of you those bold red slanted letters bring back memories from school or summer camp seminars by the DARE programs. DARE is a great organization that seeks to prevent use of controlled drugs, membership in gangs, and violent behavior.

Growing up in the 90’s, DARE was a prominent fixture just about everywhere in New York. No matter where you went, the DARE curriculum was somehow always there to remind you to stay on the right track. After completing the program, kids would get a free DARE t-shirt, but no one ever really wore theirs except for the slackers who probably thought wearing such a shirt would ‘be like, totally ironic or whatever’.

The problem with all the DARE tees of the world nowadays is that most of them are ill-fitting, overpriced, and hard to find. We wanted to take the style of the classic design and flip it into an obvious parody that anyone would know wasn’t a DARE tee, but still retained enough of the original vibe to make people do a double take, and had a witty enough slogan to force a couple smiles.

Every season we try do one graphic tee with a little touch of tongue in cheek humor. In the past, some of those graphics, like go love your own city, our Ramones parody, and our Bored Of Education tee have been popular. Often times however the humorous ideas don’t really fit in with the vibe we’re going for that season or the references are totally esoteric and they get cut before production… but every once in a while we come up with a design that’s a perfect mix of humor, parody, and playfulness that has the potential to be a big hit, and this might be one:

Available online here





This picture of Rusko rocking his Reason Jungle Stripe Track jacket alongside Diplo and So Me last weekend ended up in my inbox this morning curtsey of Jesse Lee from Dub Frequency. We have a small amount of stock in these jackets on ice in the warehouse that we have been saving to re-release online soon.


And thats a perfect bridge into our next Los Angeles story of today as C’est Beau takes his pop-up shop out to the west coast for the Reason x C’est Beau temporary boutique in Venice Beach, CA at 1510 Abbot Kinney. This evening the guys will be hosting a small private opening for the shop with free food and drink, and anyone in the area is invited to go partake in the festivities.

Beginning today the shop will be open from 12-8pm daily.



Since we’ve been busy dealing with the glorious aftermath of releasing the Built To Last lookbook, there’s been a lot of good internet amazingness to miss out on. Tonight I finally caught up on all my favorite blogs and pulled aside a few great things worth sharing-

Boys Life – This is my guilty pleasure website. In the last month the anonymous author changed over from his long form ‘fiction’ stories about his encounters dating and meeting girls to a Formspring ask me anything type of blog where people ask him for advice on everything from hitting on girls, to sex, breakups, and celebrity gossip. Lots of valuable info here.


Space Invader Bombs The Hollywood Sign – I have nothing but bad things to say about Space Invader, so watching him get nabbed for hitting the Hollywood sign makes me smile, even if the entire video is faked.

Complex Style & Design News – Complex Magazine says, “Downtown NYC (and undeniably fresh) brand Reason Clothing drops its Fall/Winter 2010 look book. You should definitely be checking for the Alma Mater Wool/Leather Varsity Jacket. Heat! ”


Seanapalooza – We are proud to be sponsoring a benefit for our brother Sean tonight at the Blind Barber. Here’s a little note Ramona wrote- “In the past week sean lost his mother, just three weeks after doctors diagnosed her with cancer. without adequate health insurance their family is not only left to cope with a deep loss but to also deal with countless hospital bills. in new york i have always viewed my friends as family. the family that I chose for myself. often our bonds are even closer than the family i was born into. we count on each other to help each other in both our good times and bad. now I am asking everyone who is a part of that family to extend themselves and give what they can to the kinney family.”

Dj-Price Blackbook Magazine Tour Diary – I saved the best for last on this one… here’s the link to Jon’s awesome Dj-Price tour diary from Halloween in Miami. Not only did Price give the inside scoop of all the party hot spots, he also basically broke down every insiders tip and cool place in Miami worth checking out. Read it twice and bookmark it for later. Also, click here, to watch footage of Price on YouTube spinning live at LIV on Halloween.


We started working on this line over a year ago. The industry at the time was a different universe from where we first began building Reason. Store owners were weary about buying from a company that was notorious for being strict on limiting distribution to wholesale accounts. It was a recession, and buyers wanted to play it safe with brands that we personally considered tired and boring. We couldn’t be mad at them, but our livelihood depended on reason, and reason is a clothing company, so essentially, our livelihood depended on the clothing.

Funny how sometimes we get so wrapped in the day to day details that we forget that at the end of the day its really all about the product. We needed to invest in our business. Not with money necessarily, but with time, and with our hearts. We needed to go all in and design the collection that we knew we were meant to make from day one. Jon and I could visualize what that meant in our minds, but we knew it wouldn’t be easy to bring to life. Every item had to be wearable every day, the line as a whole had to come together and fit with our Reason look, and every detail in every single last garment had to be absolutely perfect without exception. A lot of work has gone into building this collection, and I hate to say it, but we crushed it. After seeing this look book and lineup, those same weary store buyers came back with some of the best orders and feedback we’ve ever seen. Our friends and fans want every last style, we legitimately wear these items every day, and it feels great.

You’ve seen some of what we’ve put into this line through our site, but really I can’t begin to explain it. Its for you to feel pride in what you wear, its our Reason, its Built To Last, we’re proud to present Reason Autumn/Winter 2010. Enjoy.

Click the book to launch-