Gotta give it up to Ben and Bobby. A few years ago when they told me they were planning on opening up a store in downtown Manhattan I thought they were crazy. Last year they finally did, and, the city has greeted them with open arms.

On Sunday, the guys invited some friends over to the Redbull Space for a brunch to celebrate the one year anniversary of their New York Store. Everyone chilled out, ate, played some video games, watched football, drank bloody marys, and got to catch up in a relaxing environment for once.


The RedBull space is sick. If you didn’t already read Bobby’s blog post, RedBull is hosting events this week where different New York City artists are discussing/performing some of their best albums across the five boroughs. Wu-Tang is tonight, Black Moon is tomorrow, and the Diplomats are on friday.


Ben just got married. He also owns my favorite watch of all time, and is one of the nicest fucking guys around. I look at these dudes like big brothers… and the most important lesson I’ve learned from them: work hard, be nice to people, and the rest will come.


All the TV’s what weren’t playing football were showing my #3 movie of all time: Beavis and Butthead Do America.


Also our buddy Mike Jones had a great (offensive) tweet about this sunset.



In New York City, there’s only one thing worse than arguing over sports, religion, or politics… and that’s who makes the best pizza. Some stand by the SoHo classic, Lombardis, others are partial to the fancy places like Motorino or Pulinos, and some people stick with their local spots, but my preference is a little place right underneath the Brooklyn Bridge called Grimaldis.


… And I’m not the only one.This is what the line outside looks like. AT NOON. Around dinnertime you can expect to wait at least an hour for a table.


You know the reason New York City’s Pizza is so good? It’s not just the sauce and the cheese, it’s actually because our tap water is some of the best in the world, which in turn makes the dough and crust unbeatable.


LOVEME getting up across the river-110925_75161.jpg110925_75191.png

“Metropolitan Etiquette Authority”.

Next, a quick stop in at KCDC, Williamsburg’s core skate shop, and one of the cooler retail spaces in the borough in my opinion. They had a great write-up in the New York Times this past weekend.


Oh yeah you know what else? Totally pumped into this guy right around the corner. Whatup Matt!



Seeing as how we’re in the first official week of Fall it’s probably only fitting that we leak the first preview of our upcoming FW11 collections here on the site. It’s no secret that we make some of the best cold weather clothes in the game, and I know we say this every year, but it’s true, this upcoming lineup is our absolute best.

Expect a solid range of outerwear, knitwear, fleece, tees, accessories, and maybe even a couple surprises releasing in the coming weeks.



Here are the last round of film photos from Cam’ron 9/11 performance at TBD lounge for the 9/11 Never Forgive, Never Forget benefit.




Josh (10Deep) told me Cam’ron had turned down a Supreme shoot recently because he wanted $40,000 for the appearance. Josh came just to see if he’d really show.


Beni (WhatsgoodNY) and Dice (ALIFE). Youngest in charge.


Roxy came through, life of the party as usual.




LINO got to DJ.


August, Cam’, Gaspar


Tess and her friend Hannah-


I spy Reza (TheArabParrot) in there somewhere-


Sonia came through wearing the throwback Reason x Matt Salacuse ODB photo tee.

Wanna hear a craze story? We actually got sued by ODB’s estate for making that shirt, and had to pay a settlement to protect ourselves and our retailers legally after it came out. It was also nominated for a ‘Golden Squeegee’ for being one of the best photographic screen prints the year it came out.


We have a few of our Diplomats Parody Tees in stock right now in the online store.



Tonight we’re at ACA Galleries in Chelsea for the opening of Shamanic Illuminations: The Art of Pablo Amaringo, Alex Grey and Mieshiel. Grey’s work is some of my favorite. Personally I wouldn’t be able to hang it in my house, but the level of detail and sheer creativity in his work is something anyone can appreciate.


My favorite piece in the show-



Today we’re at Lincoln Center for a preview of the Rochambeau S/S 2012 collection at New York City fashion week. Rochambeau is run by our longtime buddies Laurence and Josh, who went from doing a streetwear line a few years ago, to now spearheading one of the most buzzworthy contemporary men’s lines around. Did I mention they also own and operate a highly esteemed boutique printing and publishing company called Proof7?

Laurence’s Twitter Bio is one of my favorites- “i am inspired by those forging their own path. i support people following their dreams. ultimately, i wish my friends utmost success.”

Ditto. So thrilled to see our homies taking it to the next level like this.


The hardest balance to achieve in fashion is making items that are compelling and unique, but still wearable and functional. I think the new Rochambeau line found the perfect mix. Cool, different takes on classic pieces, but still not so crazy that you couldn’t imagine them anywhere else but a fashion show. Cudos fellas, I only wish my pictures did the pieces justice.