Today we’re in Southampton, NY, a beautiful and historic beach town located right on the tip of Long Island. Southampton is home to some of the world’s most beautiful properties, famous celebrities, and best shopping in the entire world.


In the middle of town on Hampton road you can find some of our favorite places to eat in the Hamptons. Sip’n Soda for example, with their world famous ice cream and root beer floats. Right next door is La Parmigiana, the legendary family owned italian restaurant.


Right across the street you’ll find Reason Southampton Outpost. The newest addition to our growing Outpost branded retail stores.



The Southampton Outpost carries the same aesthetic and style as our New York store but skewing heavily towards a beach inspired nautical and fishing vibe. Vintage croquet sets sit beside sailboat prints and taxidermy seagulls while a pair of vintage oars and dead-stock cans of Long Island brand oysters are scattered around the perimeter.


The white space and lighting give the room a beach’y feel, but the overall design and merchandising is very similar to our store on 9th street.


Inspecting the layout of the room you’ll notice many similarities between the 9th Street Outpost, a deliberate decision that we plan to continue in our future stores.


Have you tried on a pair of our Static Ankle socks yet? Without a doubt the best fitting, coolest looking, most breathable socks I’ve ever owned.


Augie (left) manages the store by day and also is the reason the Southampton Outpost exists today.
We are extremely grateful for this opportunity. Go check out the Reason Southampton Outpost at 25 Hampton Road, open daily 12-8 pm.



Today we are proud to present the first full collection release from Reason Spring 2012. The collection is titled ‘Sink or Swim’. This line tells the story of our journey as a brand- told in a nautical, summery, visual language.

Three years ago they told us streetwear was dead. We were kids. They told us the business we imagined ourselves being in for many years to come was over. Brands split apart. Closed up shop. Left town. Started new gigs. Moved on.

We were left at a crossroads. Left to decide if- and how- we were going to keep the brand alive without any outside backing or help from anyone. We were alone, left to sink or swim.

Every piece in this line feels strong. It is designed and built to get you through tough situations. The graphics are bold and have a strong message. The aesthetic is timeless, but each piece packs a punch. The cut and sew apparel is cut and fitted to the tune of a high end contemporary brand, but the sewing and fabrics are no joke. The attention to detail on every style shows how passionate we are about making amazing and truly unique clothes.

Here we are. It is the Spring of 2012, and our heads are well above water.

Highlights include new graphic tees, the Maidstone Leather Wallet, Diamond Quilted Varsity Jackets, Outpost Pants, Static Ankle Socks, and various fleece items.
Click Here to view now. 



As part of the massive T-world New York rollout, we hosted an event at the Outpost last week. To commemorate the release we created a special limited edition t-shirt, tote bag, and book package available in store now.

Not exactly a normal Go Love Your Own City Tee. Check the custom label and copyright tag under the logo.


Plus this awesome back print depicting our entire Reason’s Reasons to love New York City article in graphic form.

The T-World Go Love Your Own City Pack is limited to 25 pieces and is available at Reason NY and Reason Southampton now.


Welcome to 436 East 9th Street. Welcome to the Reason Outpost in New York City. Welcome to a store unlike any other.

The only place in New York where you can buy and browse the entire Reason Clothing Spring/Summer 2012 collection. One of the best places to shop vintage clothing and housewares. A place where you can furnish your bedroom or pick up an outfit mixed with brand new Reason clothing, some vintage pieces, and mixed accessories to tie it all together.

If you’re lucky Carly might greet you at the door-


The general layout stays the same but practically every day the store look and merchandising displays change. New items flow in and hit the floor just as rapidly as they make their way out.


Today I found myself digging through a pile of vintage tees to add to my collection. How many store owners do you know who can honestly say they shop in their boutiques?


The upcoming weather forecast even dictates the product assortment you’ll find at the Outpost. This week we’re ready for memorial day beach trips and warm summer weather. Perfect time for a pair of Trunks brand swimming shorts in red, navy, seafoam, and black.


Here’s a peek at our current summer look-


We can’t seem to keep enough of the Pondview Henley shirts in stock. Also new this week we have a great assortment of genuine vintage tie-die tees from the as far back as the 60’s.


The Reason Outpost in New York City. Open daily from 12-8.



A few months back our friend Laura-Lesley Lyons pitched us a unique idea to finance a film entitled ‘What Happened To Sarah’. Her concept was to fund a film entirely with private donations. Friends and family would be urged to get involved, and after donating, people would be gifted items such as limited edition Go Love Your Own City T-shirt and Tote bag packages, or original artwork, and DVD’s of the film. The concept of the film was great, and three months later, What Happened To Sarah is now only $10,000 away from their $35,000 goal. View more info about the film, including the trailer below, and get involved.

Based on a true story, What Happened To Sarah, depicts the journey of four city kids as they strive to understand the tragic death of one of their own. Ripped from the security of youthful invincibility into the shock of their new reality, the film explores the nature of grief and adolescent uncertainty in the face of the ultimate question: Where do we go from here?

During the filming of a graffiti documentary, an unexpected tragedy leads to a shift in focus for a tight-knit group of friends.The majority of the people in this film are not actors, but real legends and their successors of the Lower East Side. They have learned, lived, loved and lost here. Though the people have changed, their hardships and triumphs remain universal. Featuring downtown NYC personalities like Shaun RFC & Charlie Hustle of the infamous graffiti crew the Peter Pan Posse, DJ Jes Leppard, and party promoter, PJ Monte, this is a film about right now.

In order to get this movie made, we are asking our friends, family, and New York City culture buffs to get involved! We’ve got some great, fun incentives donated by cast members, other supporters, and a limited edition T-shirt collaboration with the infamous boys of Reason Clothing, Phil and Jon. Help us share our story!
Follow the project on twitter! @WhatHappenedNYC



Music is one of the most essential elements of a positive shopping experience. Great music while you shop can transport you to another world. Discovering a new artist or song in a store is an added bonus that often gets overlooked. A lot of thought goes into the soundtrack of the Outpost. We hear comments from customers raving about the store’s music selection on a daily basis, and people always ask if we sell CD’s of the store’s tunes or where we get our music from. Our generic answer is that a friend curates all our music, but what we don’t usually share is that he actually has a website where he shares weekly mixes that we use in the shop.

In Beau’s Ears is a music blog run by our friend Beau. The concept is pretty simple. Each week he uploads a new playlist of 15-20 songs he is listening to and shares them with the world. It’s a great site to discover new music or listen in on when you can’t decide what to play for yourself.

Check it out at:



Please join us at the Reason Outpost NYC next thursday May 17th to celebrate the release of the T-World NYC book. The event will feature free goodies, drinks, music by DJ-Price, and a special Reason x T-World book and t-shirt that will be released exclusively at the event.



Today we’re back at Brimfield, Massachusetts for the Brimfield Antique fair for a vintage buying and inspiration trip.

Somehow every time we come here we are met by a fierce storm and three feet of mud to troop through in every field.


This is the first Brimfield fair of 2012, and probably the best for the year. All the vendors have been out buying for the entire winter waiting for us to come and pick through all their best treasures.


We’re starting to become veterans here. People recognize us, many even keeping aside special items that they brought along specifically for us.


Besides buying for our stores and ourselves personally, we also keep a sharp eye out for visual reference and inspiration. Many times we pull reference for how vendors display and merchandise goods, and also look out for any interesting graphic inspiration.


2 gigabytes worth of things I regret not buying.


Like this. Too steep to keep.


We rock these shows. Ten football fields worth of junk that we sift through, organize, pick from, negotiate, buy, transport, repair, and clean to make our shops the best stores in the world.


Filed under visual reference/merchandising ideas. Next month I’ll show you where this ended up guiding our look.


Ran into BoweryBob who was walking the show doing some buying for himself. Should have gotten a close-up on his hat which was an awesome plastic map of the United States. Looking at his outfit you won’t be surprised to know that Bob was one of the original founding owners of the now defunct PegLegNYC clothing company.


Everything about this picture.


Look at this cool guy. Price is wearing a Reason Static Beanie, A Reason Union Made Hooded Sweatshirt, and a Reason Waxed Cotton Hunting Jacket.


We don’t need no stinkin’ stickers. Fact of the matter is that we’re awesome and get the best deals here because people don’t expect us to be here buying for a brand or a store. Most vendors actually give us the ultimate hookup because they think we’re just some kids who don’t know what we’re doing.


If you didn’t see the grass and mud poking through through the ground, this photo could have easily been taken in the lobby of a five star hotel.



You know how we feel about letters. And how I feel about taking pictures like this.




His name was Daffy. And despite our best attempts, he is not for sale.




Our longtime friends Jimmy, Tatsu, and Kazu who run one of our Japanese disributors just opened a dedicated boutique in SoHo called Entrepreneur New York. The shop features hard to find Japanese labels and a select assortment of high-end contemporary accessories and apparel from American brands. The store is located at:

Entrepreneur New York
29 Kenmare Street, New York, NY 10012


Sake keg!


Right around the corner our favorite fashion ladies over at Dagny and Barstow were hosting an event to celebrate the launch of their Spring collections. The shop features a ton of hard to find European labels as well as a selection of amazing vintage clothing, accessories, and housewares curated by Reason Clothing.


The lovely Emily aka @emitels – one of the co-owners and co founders. She is awesome.comIMG_1300.jpg

This is great. Original @baronvonfancy piece hanging outside the fitting rooms.


The captivating room was actually once home to Lenny Kravitz’ nightclub. The renovations in transforming the space into a shop was filled with stories about finding broken glasses, half empty bottles, in-tact lines of cocaine, and molding limes.


Dagny & Barstow is located at:
364 Bowery
New York, NY 10012



Here’s a week’s worth of highlights from the on-going blog post that is my life.

First. the CNNCTD+ 100 event at the New Museum. Curated by our friend Roman, and his company CNNCTD. The goal of CNNCTD+100 is to showcase a cross-section of New York City culture that highlights the multidisciplinary connections of contemporary culture. Music inspires fashion, street art inspires fine art, youth inspires establishment. Some of the people included were Pharrell Williams, Maria Cornejo, Nanette Lepore, George Lois, Spike Lee, and Cindy Sherman.




This post will contain no less than five variations on this picture.


Carly is holding a very fancy handbag.


Here’s Roman. Remember that great video we did about how we stay connected when the Outpost first opened (CLICK HERE to view it)? Roman produced that.


Ciroc coconut with Pellegrino is something is really like.


Mikey Avedon. Seen this guy in New York Magazine this week.


I owe a solid percentage of the contacts in my phone to Dante Ross, pictured below with his lovely lady friend. Great catching up with this guy.

The following night we cruised over to Reed Space for a T-World event in the shop to celebrate the book release. We will be hosting an event for the book at the Outpost on May 17th.

Eddie has been working hard these past few weeks in New York. Many more exciting projects coming from Eddie and the T-world team.


Nico Reyes (Reed Space) is one of the best ever.


If you were doing an exhibit about T-shirts and T-shirt culture in New York what would you choose as the first shirt in the show?


I promised a bunch of these, right?


They even put our ugly mugs on the wall.


Got to catch up with Aaron LaCrate while he wasn’t up there doing his DJ thing.


Live T-shirt printing by the fellas over at BKNY.


Josh Fishel (10Deep) recently joined Instagram but he’s on private. So find him at @joshfishel and ‘request’ to follow him.


This is true:

Steve!! Steve used to print our very first run of Diploamats Parody tees in his garage in long island back in 2006. Every week our re-orders would get bigger and bigger until at one point Steve told us we needed to find a professional because he couldn’t devote his entire life to printing one t-shirt design for us.