Here’s a peek at the outtakes from the Reason Spring/Summer 2012 lookbook shoot which launches this Friday. The line encompasses socks, pants, wallets, crew-neck and hooded fleece, button-down shirts, jackets, vests, sunglasses, belts, tees, tank tops and more.

Jon Price and Aubrey Wilder-

Sam Fryer-




Phil Wong!!!!



Homer D. Parkes our photographer-



As a followup to our Barber Striped Beanies produced with our neighbors at The Blind Barber, we are excited to debut the next step in our ongoing set of collaborations with the best and the brightest New York City has to offer in the world of food, nightlife, and entertainment.

Reason Clothing and LES eatery Sons Of Essex are pleased to announce the release of a collaboration tank top just in time for summer. The custom engineered (and incredibly soft) tank top features a lobster sporting the trademark Reason Tophat incorporated with the logos for both brands. The tank is available now exclusively at Sons Of Essex NYC located at 133 Essex Street.

We are thrilled to be involved with Sons Of Essex, Matt Levine, and their Brandsway Hospitality family.

Wanna know a fun fact? This is the first time we’ve ever made a white tank top. I vowed never to do it. And I was wrong, PEOPLE LOVE WHITE TANK TOPS.



The Reason Outpost brand of stores are an exciting part of what we do. A proverbial petri dish where we throw in our ideas, stir ‘em up, and see what happens.

We’ve joked before that the Outpost is like our baby. And today it dawned on me that this week marks nine months since we opened. Nine months. The time it takes from conception to birth.

From this- (If you remember, I posted these exact same pictures in blacked out form before we opened)


To this-

In less time than its took me me to learn how to TiVo True Blood.



This week we are unveiling a slight new re-design with all new displays and merchandise.

… Did I mention Reason Southampton is doing alright as well?


Year after year as our tastes change and our range grows, we find ourselves excited by different pieces in the collection. Graphic tees and caps are always popular, and all the Go Love Your Own City items remain a staple, but this summer we though we’d give you a special peek into the items that we ourselves are most proud to give the Tophat seal of approval.

My picks are below.

The standout piece for me this season was the Northport Insideout Crewneck. Soft french terry fabric sewn completely inside out so the textured, loop-back side of the fabric is facing out and constructed into our classic slim fit crewneck shirt. I wear mine as-is or with one of our Woodsman Henley shirts underneath.

The Maidstone Wallet? That’s italian rawhide leather complete with Reason logos embossed on the outside and printed with gold leaf on the inside. International sized so it fits currency from around the world.

High-Tide Bracelet- The sleeper hit of the summer. My favorite out of everything we currently have in store.

Diamond quilted varsity with the white leather trim and the red satin lining? Buttery perfection.

Outpost Pants? Havn’t taken ‘em off since April.

Commander II Sunglasses? Couldn’t imagine we could out do ourselves from last year but we did. Higher quality, heavier weight frames, better packaging, and a more affordable price. I’m still devoted to the matte black pair but the clear/violet and tortoise shell frames have been the in-store favorites.

New Script V-neck tees? See how the print is barely visible like that? It’s actually printed on the inside of the shirt and shows through as a reverse shadow. Wore mine at lunch last weekend and overheard a guy at the table next to me say, “That t-shirt must have cost three hundred bucks”.

NY Cap- No need for explanation.

We just marked all these items down to 50% off in the online shop. Click the image below to shop now.



New York City- please join us this Friday June 8th at WIP to celebrate the grand opening of Reason Southampton. DJ PRICE will be providing the music alongside Chrissie Miller from 11pm-4am. WIP is located at 34 Vandam Street. There is no RSVP for this event and entrance is at the doorman’s discretion. 21+ only with ID.