The most exciting program we’ve been pushing ahead with this year has been our lineup of accessories.

Belts, socks, bracelets, wallets, and flasks are all new categories for Reason that we are extremely proud to say are the best quality and price point of any brand in the business. Of them all, I’m most proud of our hand crafted eyewear line.

Once again this year we’ve spared no expense in creating what we think are the strongest sunglasses on the market today. This year for the Commander II style we’ve slightly updated the frame shape, switched to a tinted lens, upgraded to a silver logo mold, and added an additional microfiber cleaning wipe and carry bag. The box has also been switched to a more convenient magnet closure flip case.

All three of the Commander II sunglasses are currently on sale in our web-shop for $45.00

Click HERE or on the images below to shop now.



Today marks the release date of PRICE’s first single entitled DAYLIGHT. This is the first of many new completely original tracks produced by Price, and his official step into the world of releasing completely original music.

The track has been the number one most played song in my iTunes for months now, and rightfully so. Those of you lucky enough to see a live performance from Price have likely heard the record before, but today for the first time you can download the song yourself for 99 cents through iTunes by clicking HERE.

This week, DJ A-Trak, one of the world’s most popular DJ’s, and a longtime Reason supporter posted an eye-opening article on HuffingtonPost (CLICK HERE to read it) – here was a quote that stuck out to me,

“…Just make sure you give your audience something new every night…. Challenge yourself to challenge the crowd. … come to the shows with an open mind. Don’t just wait to hear the songs you already know. There’s a reason you’re not watching a band. DJing is still at the cutting edge of new music. Let yourself be surprised.”

DAYLIGHT is that “something new” it’s what’s next in dance/house music. Whether you’re a DJ or a fan just leaning about EDM I urge you to buy this track, play it, and share it with the world.

Even if you don’t buy the track please give it a heart on HYPEM by clicking HERE

Click the image below to launch in iTunes


We are pleased to present the Reason Spring / Summer 2012 video lookbook. This film is especially important to us as it not only features the brand new Reason Clothing collection, but also the first original song released by Reason co-owner and DJ / music producer DJ-Price. Above all, I am proud to say that every element seen and heard in this video is something we’ve built. Products that would not exist in this world if we hadn’t chosen to make them for you to enjoy.

All of the apparel and accessories featured in the video were conceptualized and designed by our team. We personally toiled over every last design detail in the collection. We hand inspected each piece and signed the hangtags. Every look was styled by us and modeled by our crew. The video was shot and edited by our lifelong friends, and Price himself produced the song from scratch. Every last element of this video was made by us.

The track, entitled “Let It Feel” will release on iTunes on Tuesday August 7th.

*Shot by Homer D. Parkes, Edited by Ben Guzman


Reason NY was recently featured on Kapture, a popular up and coming mobile app that rewards you for taking and sharing photos of the brands and services you love with your friends. Check out the article by clicking HERE and signing up for updates on their website here:



It’s summer. So naturally the Outpost has a 1970’s beach umbrella set up smack dab in the middle of the shop and enough fishing rods, buoys, nets, and anchors to win deadliest catch. Every season is a peek into a different theme at the Outpost.


New window displays are up.


Everyone hates this sign except me. Everyone loves the Rt. 27 tee except me.




This is the spicy beef empanada I mentioned in a previous post. These will change your life. Empanadas Bar is located RIGHT NEXT to Reason NY. Come shop with us when you can’t fit into your clothes anymore because of these delicious fluffy things. I’M EATING ONE RIGHT NOW.



We’re out here in SoHo at Agenda NY showing Reason Fall 2012, Spring 2013, and a few extra surprises.


If you look closely you’ll catch a little preview of what’s coming from the brand in the next 12 months. You’ll also catch Shiv before we made him change his hat.


Rows and rows of the best in the street, skate, and action sports markets filled the massive two floor spaces.


Word at the show was that the Reason booth was the coolest Agenda (or any show) had seen in years. Our response: YOU SHOULD SEE OUR STORES.


We were fortunate to be right across from the OG homies at Mighty Healthy. Still coming strong with the smartest most well designed hip hop tees in the game.

We were also directly next to Skull Candy. Had to grab a flick of this new Yankees collaboration set to launch this October.

Price was the headlining DJ of the show but Shiv got to show his skills behind the decks as well.

These guys came through as well-


Without a doubt my favorite part of being in the shop is catching the expressions of passersby. Hardly a person walks by without a turned neck or a gaping mouth aimed right into the window. Every local kid tugs their parents to let them peek their head in.


Here I am caught checking the @reasonclothing instagram account. Recently we’ve been selling through products before they even hit the sales floor just by posting an Instagram photo. THIS vintage LV briefcase for example took about three seconds to sell this afternoon.


So did THIS vintage moped. Managed to snap this one and only pic before it drove off to its new home.


Justin updated our signs today. Told him to freestyle something with no direction and this is what he came up with. Talented crew.


We added two new members to the growing 9th street retail community this week. Right next door to us Carmen opened Devorado, a designer vintage boutique with an amazing assortment of brands including collections from Chanel, Celine, YSL, and just about every high end women’s designer you could image.


The place that’s really changed our habits here is Empanada Bar. We are empanada aficionados and these are without a doubt the best I’ve ever tasted. The owner has worked cooking empanadas in 12 different countries before opening the bar here.


I can’t even pass by without picking one up. The spicy beef and the curry chicken are the Reason staff favorites so far.



Next week Reason Clothing will be exhibiting at the Agenda Tradeshow in New York City. This is a big event for Reason.

From 2007-2010 Reason Clothing exhibited in about 20 trade events world wide. In large part these events are what helped us gain our initial following.

However in 2010 we wrote off tradeshows and the wholesale business aside from about 25 core retailers and distributors around the world, choosing instead to focus on limiting our distribution, raising demand for our products, and focusing on our own online and brick and mortar stores.

Now almost three years later with a stronghold on our corner of the business we will be testing the waters of the wholesale game yet again.

This will be the first time Reason Brand products will be shown at a wholesale trade event since 2010 but that’s not all we’ve got up our sleeves. Email for appointments or drop by booth 17 at the Agenda Show in NYC next week for more.



Tonight we’re at Pier 83 on Manhattan’s west side for DJ-PRICE at the Circle Line fourth of July celebration.


Front row seats. PRICE playing for 5,000+ people as the fireworks went off above.


Still the best holiday of the year. Still the greatest city and country in the world.


Everybody is smiling-


This guy was a mega creep-


So was this guy-


Today we are pleased to present our Spring/Summer 2012 lookbook.

The collection was photographed in Long Island, NY and features items from the new Spring/Summer line including; tees, caps, pants, jackets, sunglasses, wallets, socks, sweatshirts, belts, flasks, button-down shirts, and more.

Below are a selection of images from the lookbook.

CLICK HERE or on the LOOKBOOKS tab above to launch now.