Reason NY was featured on the ever-so-popular television show ‘Breaking Amish’ this past week. The episode features 23 year old Jeremiah, shunned from his Amish family, moving to New York City and finding new, more appropriate clothes for life in the big city.

I can’t embed the video but click on any of the images below to watch the clip.

The producers sent a crew by a few months back to film the episode. The entire thing took a few hours to film and was shot during normal business hours. In fact customers were walking into the store and making cameos in the show throughout the day.

Jeremiah picked up a whole new wardrobe; including a Reason Varsity, a few Reason tees, some Outpost pants, a Home Team NY Cap, and some vintage tees and denim to round out the look.


Price and Shiv helped Jeremiah pick out his looks and he was super stoked on his new gear. Breaking Amish airs on Sundays at 10pm on TLC.



As the seasons change we are getting ready to fill new internship positions at Reason. As other interns move up into full and part time positions or go back to school we now have slots left for a few new members to join the team. Come hang out at the shop, learn the in’s and outs of the business, carry 50 pound boxes on your back to-and from the warehouse, get yelled at for shipping empty boxes of sunglasses, and eat 20 empanadas a day. If any of that sounds appealing to you- email with a resume/portfolio (for design interns), your age, location, availability, and contact info.



Today we’re in upstate New York watching the leaves change colors and shooting a few preview images for our Fall 2012 collection. All of these items (and many more) will be available online soon.



Here is a preview of a few of my favorite items releasing as part of our Fall 2012 collection. These pieces are available now at Reason NYC and will be dropping online in the coming weeks along with the rest of the line.



Thank you to everyone who came out to the Reason 9th Street Block Party and Sample Sale this weekend. We couldn’t have asked for better weather or a better crew to enjoy the day with. Thousands of people came out to go through our archives, scoop some deals, ask questions, eat, drink, and hang out.


Our neighbors at Empanadas Bar grilled up everything from home made paella to imported sausages, ribs, and steaks.


Beau and his girlfriend Sarah were attached like this all day. Beau is wearing our new Reason Fieldmaster cap which will be releasing soon.


Pork Pie Hatters.


This guy.


Shiv Money.


This is the homie but I gave him a lot of shit about his t-shirt choice for today.


This is baby pig that our buddy brought over. He “rescued him from Vietnam” aka bought him on the internet.


Brooke picked up a pair of Reason Commander II sunglasses.

This is our next door neighborhood Daria. She is 96 years old and has lived on 9th street for 85 years. She owns the space directly next to us and runs a business shipping packages to her home country of Ukraine. Her daughter owns the chiropractor office next door to her. Daria encompasses everything that is great about this city.


And this guy’s outfit encompasses everything that’s great about America.

Mikaela (left) and Chelsea (right) are two of the nicest people we know. Chelsea just dropped a new line of her Noise Girl bracelets and necklaces online.

Eddie and his homegirl. Eddie just finished up his summer internship with us. We have a few openings for new internships in NYC. If you are interested please email to set up an interview.

Sabrina (Nike) picked up a couple great pieces. She is holding an old shearling leather jacket that got cut from production after one sample.

Ollice Place was down the street hawking kittens to little kids.

What’s a street fair without a live band performing?

Support Good Beer. Support 9th street. Support quality, locally owned, independent businesses.

Jeremy Scott came by and picked up a couple great vintage pieces.




And Aubrey. Cuties.

The Upper Rust had a nice setup. It’s great how so many of the shops on 9th street share a similar asthetic.120915_2637.jpg

Got to finally meet Kenshin, (co-founder and designer at Rocksmith) today. Really nice guy. Although Rocksmith isn’t a brand I would personally wear, their designs and branding are always tight and professional.


Brooke and Carly are the best ever.


Yes, Carly wore a fanny pack all day while making sales.



We grew up on a small 13 mile long island off the Eastern Seaboard called Manhattan.

Watching the news today on the 11th anniversary of the attacks of 9/11 is hard, but reading the stories of our closest friends and families who lived through the chaos and terror brings a sense of strength and togetherness that might be hard to imagine when you realize that tiny island just happens to be inhabited by nine million people.

I missed school that day and woke up to calls from my dad about how there was some type of fire down the block from his office and I should turn on the news. He had worked in the WTC during the first bombings and worked only a few short blocks away on 9/11. I ran to the roof of our building just in time to watch the second building collapse. My dad walked home that night, 13 miles from one end of the island to the other, covered in dust and eyes full of tears. I remember seeing the soot in his nose and ears and crying. The stories I heard in following days were too emotional to repeat.

Today, eleven years later, through the magic of social media I can still follow the stories and recollections of friends and relatives. Reading these stories of our friends- people who lived through that day- I can hear their voices and know for sure that this is without a doubt the greatest city in the world.



This Saturday, September 15th, 2012 will be our first SAMPLE SALE & 9TH STREET BLOCK PARTY!!

We have loads of merchandise coming out of storage for this one day only event!!

Crazy markdowns on all merchandise including vintage clothing and antique housewares.

We will have food, drinks, music, games, and plenty of fun!!


Come down to 9th Street between 1st Avenue & Avenue A and have a wonderful Saturday afternoon with your friends (and our neighbors) at Whitmans, Grey Era, Good Beer, Clock & Dagger, Dusty Buttons, The Upper Rust, Devorado, and more!



I’m doing the Throwback Thursday thing on the blog again today. This time around I’m featuring a few of our favorite blog photos from 2008-2010.

New Era once made the awful decision of giving us free front row seats to a Yankee game. By the fifth inning Sean had yelled enough obscenities at the opposing team that they complained and had the NYPD kick us out.

The door at our old office. Everyone used to tell us we should put this pattern on a cap or tee but we never did. It was very hard to find the peephole.


This is Michelle. She is a stylist for all the mega rappers but that’s completely irrelevant. The real important matter is how stellar the organization in the back of the warehouse used to be.michelle1.jpg

Our launch party at the hotel QT pool was so insanely next level that they threatened to sue us and never had another party there again. Also the hotel eventually closed. Whatever.

Upstate. Spring. Shadows.

Matt’s boat is the best. An hour after this photo was taken we almost sank.


Jack’s tattoo.


The view walking home from the old office one night a few years back.


This is a GIF of an old Magic Tradeshow booth of ours. 6 grueling hours turned into a 1 second pic.

The best part about producing items locally is having the ability to go check in on production. This 12 color ‘Team Reason’ print was fun to watch. Naturally it was my favorite graphic of the season so it was the worst seller of the delivery.

This guy just freaking kills me every time.

Yeah. We rented a store without getting the keys to the window gate and never bothered to try to open it until two days before opening so we had to hire some mafia dude off craigslist to come cut the lock.

I call this one “Sarah in Paris hanging from a tree”

Deyrolle in Paris. One of the coolest stores there ever was.

Hen B being all patriotic and bad ass.

Awesome capture from Paris by night. This photo is three shots taken at different exposures stitched together.


Today we are pleased to present the Carly Bracelet by Reason. These fun rope bracelets are hand made in Peru and come in a variety of exciting colors and patterns. Each one of a kind piece comes packaged in a custom Reason canvas bag.

If you are looking for any specific colors, or would like to purchase a set of two matching bracelets, please let us know by emailing after placing your order and we will do our best to find the perfect one for you. Bracelet size is adjustable and made to fit any size wrist.

Click Here (or on the images below) to shop now.