Another day at Reason NY.

Beau, our director of retail operations putting in some hard work. We’ve now launched Spring ‘13 live in the online store as well as through You can now also shop the new collection directly via Iphone, Ipad, and Android just by going straight to on your mobile device, fancy, huh?

Squishy is the director of jumping in boxes, being a purr machine, and making this face all the time.


Found out today that we’ll be getting a new member of the 9th street family soon as our new neighbors launch their boutique wine store in the next few months.


Spring 13’ delivery 1 in store now.



This next week join me as I walk you through our buying process for Outpost Vintage.

Reason’s core collection is our passion and the backbone of the brand, but many of you may not know that each Reason piece is inspired by true american made vintage workwear. Every time we decide to make a new Reason style, we go out and buy hundreds of vintage reference pieces. We then inspect all these items and choose our favorite details which eventually make their way into our own designs. It could be anything from a fabric or a pattern to a fit detail, a button, a color, or even a thread style.

Here is a tour of one of the nation’s top vintage warehouses and one of our many suppliers.


We scour hundreds of warehouses across the country. Often these places have waiting lists as long as a year, and door (not to mention no photos allowed) policies stricter than most nightclubs. We spend days searching through thousands of pieces, inspecting, pondering, negotiating and buying the absolute best vintage pieces in the world.


Like a kid in a candy shop. We literally spend hours going through thousands of items to find just one perfect piece that is worthy of hanging on the racks at Reason.


This is just step one in our vintage buying process. Join us tomorrow and I’ll take you through the next leg of the journey-



We have been under construction for a few days at the Outpost. We now back open and badder than ever. Come drop by this week to preview our new collection and check out the new look.



This week we’re out in California for a few meetings and to do some Outpost Vintage buying for the store.

First stop is San Diego.

It literally rained every day. Still a nice escape from the sub zero temperature in NY.


We dropped by Cuatro Milpas. Known as the most authentic Mexican food in SD.

As a proud Mexican food connoisseur I can tell you without any doubt that this is the best taco I’ve ever tasted.IMG_8590.jpg

Everything is perfect. The meat, the rice, beans, even the no-frills atmosphere is part of the appeal in this place.

Everything is made right before your eyes. You can sit and watch your tortillas be made right before your eyes as you eat.

Next stop, Los Angeles. Don’t let this shot fool you. It still rained every day.

We toured the various flea markets and antique stores shopping for props and display items for the new season at the Outpost.


The Ventura Flea Market was great.

But not nearly as great as Pete’s Breakfast House in Ventura.

People line up for hours to eat at this place. Everyone on the line was talking about how Pete’s had just been featured on Food Network’s Diners Drive In’s and Drives show the week prior.


Clockwise from the middle; fresh tortillas, breakfast wrap with eggs, avocado, sprouts, beans and potatoes, corn beef hash with potatoes, and two pancakes stuffed with cottage cheese and home made jam. Unreal.


Got to stop by all the stores on Robertson. Loved how the Chanel store was open to the street like this.


Kitson is promoting a brand that did a great job producing some completely unique graphic sweatshirts and tees. Such a great idea. Wish we had thought of that first??


I had never been to Santa Monica Before so we took a trip up to check out the Pier.

Highlight of the LA flea market scene is the Fairfax flea. Every sunday. Great pickups here.


Took a trip around the corner and chopped it up with our buddies at Hall Of Fame on Fairfax.


And of course Nick and the guys at Diamond right next door. Got some exciting things in the works with these guys.



2013 has been a whirlwind so far.

It’s hard to believe how much has happened only one month into the year. Trips across the country, new staff members, collaborations, people entering and leaving our lives, constant work, highs, lows, anticipation, but mostly, excitement for whats to come.

Thank you to everyone who has stuck by us for all these years, and thank you (and hello) to everyone just joining us for the first time.


Price’s new mixtake “Priceless” is ree with all online or in store orders over $100 while supplies last.

This is Johnny. He made his way into the store one day with a huge suitcase fresh off the plane from Korea. He was in town for a few days for a family event. Turns out his only shopping stop during this trip was with us at Reason.

It was great to meet someone in person who has followed the brand online for years. We chatted and I was able to learn about his wants and needs from us; the products he enjoyed and why, and most importantly what he wished to see more of. Also turned out he had traveled all the way here with an empty suitcase which he filled up all the way with items from the Outpost. Great to meet you Johnny, have a safe trip back home!